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We understand that navigating change isn’t easy therefore,
we tailor-make equitable solutions to meet your organisations’ needs.
Sashwin Pillai

South Africa & Global
Humanist & Multi-praxis Systems Specialist. Urban Development Strategist, City Services, Infrastructure & Master Planner. Finance & Institutional Modeller. Governance & Impact Specialist. Strategic Advisor, Planner, Manager. Architectural & Real Estate Investment Programs, Funds/FoF Advisor & Manager. Multidimensional Designer & Global CoLabs
The New Urban Agenda,
Paris Agreement, UN SDGs,
associated or supporting declarations & agreements
(Founder & Group CEO)

SAB&T Durban

South Africa & Global.
AVH Investment Packaging, Financing, Programme, Impact, Capital & Value Management,
Portfolio Audits &
Compliance Programmes.
Value Chain Finance &
Investment Management.
Asset Management
Quality Assurance
Risk Management
Sustainability, Impact,
Group Reporting &
Value, Resiliency & Outcome
Group Services & Advisory
(Group IRBA Auditors &
AVH Global Colabs)

Dr John Samuel

South Africa & Global
Equity & Resiliency Ventures
Expert Educationalist &
Social Strategist. Global
Leadership & Philanthropies
Past CEO Nelson Mandela Foundation, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, Kellogg Foundation,
Education Ministry, etc. Governance & Policy,
Legacy Planning
Social Investments
(Group Non-Executive)

Alberto Silva

Brazil & Global
Urban Development Strategist. Policy, Planning, PMI Innovation, DOTS & Land Value Capture Expert. City, Urban & Catalytic Planner. Finance & Institutional Modeller. Social Equity, Sustainability & Resiliency Specialist. Think-Do Tanks,
UN SDG 17 Future-Proofing &
UN SDG 11 Special Operations
Portfolio Accounts
(Global South Executive)

Emmanuel Essien

Nigeria & Africa
Capital Projects
Transaction Advisory
Asset Management
Value Management
Compliance Programmes
Internet of Things – IoT
East-West Africa Partnerships
Executive Management
Supply Chain Management
Empowerment Programmes
Client Relations &
Portfolio Accounts
(Africa Executive)

Damyanti Radheshwar

USA, India & Global
Architect and Urbanist
Community Planning.
Urbanism Investigations into Physical, Environmental, Socio-Economic &
Cultural Circumstances.
Institutional Projects, Transportation Infrastructure, Sustainable Communities.
Housing Governance,
Economic Enhancement,
Health & Social Impact.
Resiliency Investments.
(3D Labs & Global Partner)

Simon Mcpherson

Australia & Global
Architecture, Urban Design,
Strategic Planning.
Urban Entrepreneur
Design Review Panels
Design Assessment & Policy
Urban Research & Publication
Design Collaboration Facilitation & Stakeholder Engagement
Strategic Master Plans,
Building Design,
Public Realm Design.
Liveability Investments.
(3D Labs & Global Partner)

Francis Chiwunda

Zimbabwe & Global
Global Partnerships Head
& Executive Management
Portfolio & Program Development
Equity & Asset Management
Sustainability & Resiliency Planning, Stakeholder Collaboration & Management.
Co-Living & Entrepreneurship.
Socio-Economic Investments.
Key Portfolios.
(CFA & Global Executive)

Magnus Petersen-Paaske

Denmark & Global
Sustainable Energy Head
& Carbon Management. Land & Biological System Regeneration, Energy Crops, Biomass Construction, Isolation and Underground Carbon Storage. Strategy Development,
Delivery Projects &
Sustainability Investment Programmes.
(CFA & Global Executive)

Jay Ramjee

South Africa & Global
Capital Projects
Building Inspections
Compliance Programmes
OHS & Fire Management
Installations & Exhibitions
Architectural Management
Supply Chain Management
Empowerment Projects,
Delivery Programmes &
Site Supervision Teams
(CPO & Africa Executive)

Luis Carmona

South Africa & Africa
Principal Agent & Architect
Sustainable Buildings
Designer, Master Planner
Building Compliance
OHS & Fire Management
Spatial Efficiency Planning
Contract Administration & Documentation
Portfolio & Project
Site Supervision Teams
(CPA & Senior Pr. Arch, SACAP)

Gary Pillai

South Africa & India
Group Administration
Travel & Tourism
Food & Agriculture
Community Organisations
SEVA & Subsistence Support
Risk Management,
Mitigation &
Adaptation Planning
Portfolio Accounts
Community Leadership
God’s Love in Action NPO
(Group Non-Executive)

+18 years

South Experience

Level 1 BB-BEE

135% Procurement Spend


Jobs Created


SMEs Supported

Committed to Excellence

Value is earned when equanimity is reached and there is synchronicity on governance, society, environment and economy. Collaborative efforts are widely proven to support effective and positive change. Let’s jointly solve the most pressing urban challenges whilst we help each other to survive, thrive and surpass the global goals in advance of the 2030 global target.