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Africa Vision Energy develops sustainable energy projects across Southern Africa. These energy solutions include carbon fuels from sustainable and regenerative farms as well as renewable power from our various other projects.

Our power projects are intended to develop new power generation for low and middle income households and urban environmental transitions. Using innovative new ways to finance solar projects, we’re aiming to offer solar power projects to households and communities who would not otherwise have access to renewable power. We use a combination of development financing tools and impact investing mechanisms to make this happen.

Our vision is for energy to be cheap, clean and to help clean up the world. As such we’re especially looking biodynamic energy projects, offering innovative new ways to create carbon based fuels while restoring ecosystems, sequestering carbon in the ground and empowering communities.

We’re looking at projects across the value chain: from converting land to growing energy crops to converting those energy crops to useful liquid fuels and finally to distributing those carbon negative fuels.