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Shaping Cities

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Shaping value in a complex world

Our Purpose

Africa Vision Holdings (Pty) Ltd. / AVH is a strategic global south services, advisory and governance platform providing human-centric solutions to better-equip governments, impact investors, institutions and organisations with sound urban development and real estate investments. Value-As-A-Service or VAAS aggregates projects and protects investors, promoters and collaborative stakeholders’ interests.

Our urban development strategists and real estate management experts develop, test, assimilate or integrate the latest global, regional and local foresight, strategic intelligence, collaborative management tools and methods, specialised urban planning, finance and institutional modelling including real estate, energy, mobility, sustainability, resiliency, advanced professional services, application tools & delivery mechanisms combining the latest global standards of evidence, impact management project norms, global reporting and quality standards amongst proven and currently developing methods – all this for maximum impact and value.

AVH is committed to a sustainable, equitable & resilient future aligned to the New Urban Agenda, Paris Agreement, 10 principles, 270 indicators, 169 targets, 17 global goals, et al. Our urban development platform is collaborative, purposeful and outcome-oriented. We’re working towards an inclusive, peaceful and prosperous world to benefit future generations.

“AVH serves positive change efforts and combined outcomes in Africa and across the global south to benefit the world’s future generations.”

Sashwin Pillai – Founder


Our VAAS platform is purposed to effectively integrate and systemise investors and stakeholders interests with multi-dimensional expertise, support and collaboration for positive and combined outcomes.


AVH is an independent multi-service platform company specialising in compliance, sustainability, resiliency and governance. We bring the latest global expertise, multi-praxis advice & governance support.


AVH remains tenacious in its approach to drive positive urban change working with partners committed to the principles, targets and global goals. We’re committed to driving equitable, sustainable and resilient ventures.


We derive outcome-oriented solutions to solve the most pressing urban challenges impacting a sustainable future. AVH clears positive change efforts across geographies, planning scenarios and growth trajectories



project aggregation
strategic intelligence
collaborative solutions

VAAS governs positive change
& ensures a triple bottom line.


Value Management
Multi-Praxis Support
Collaborative Investing
Financing Tools/Mechanisms
Equity, Inclusion & Diversity


Reduce Emissions
Sequester Carbon
Effective Footprints
Reuse & Recycle Initiatives
Sustainability & Resiliency


Integrated Housing
Healthy Public Spaces
Safe Streets & Places
Social Equity & Inclusion


Ten Principles
Achieve the Goals
Improve GVA Growth
Economic Development

Shaping Value

We shape value through evidence-based strategy, bankability, innovation and acceleration efforts to deliver sustainable and effective change.

Evidence Based Strategy & Integrated Value Systems

Our Strategic Managers and Advisors bring the latest foresight to advise on or solve a city’s or organisation’s challenge related to value, resiliency, sustainability, effectiveness, efficiency. We develop and integrate the latest M&E & IMM systems . We help to future-proof systems whilst we collaboratively manage stakeholders’ interests through constant feedback loops.

Value Capture, Mobility & Infrastructure Systems

Our Urban Development Strategists, Advisors, Planners and Infrastructure Specialists deliver innovative land value capture instruments, transit oriented development (TOD), Development Oriented to Sustainable Transport (DOTS), Right to the City & Smart City programmes, sustainable urban infrastructure financing, development or co-creation tools and mechanisms.

Sustainability, Equity & Impact Investing Mechanisms

Our Impact Managers & Financing Specialists draw on a wealth of multi-praxis expertise to derive investing models and financing tools or mechanisms, to make and deliver integrated urban strategies and developments that redress legacies and enhance social, environmental & economic outcomes for a better world.

Making Change

We make evidence-based change by considering risks and opportunities, planning scenarios and growth trajectories.

Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, Resiliency and Future-Proofing

Our urban managers, governance specialists, planners, economists, environmental and climate strategists and sociologists measure, analyse, assess and advise on multi-dimensional impacts whilst exploring green city paradigms and strategic approaches to addressing climate change mitigation or adaptation. We combine the latest proven urban planning, governance and management support with urban transition and climate resiliency expertise to future-proof cities & organisations against shocks.

Renewable & Alternate Energy, Water, Food, Transport, Waste and Carbon Management

We help facilitate the transition to a green economy in Cities, bringing the latest analytical understanding of global environmentally-related urban development challenges. We derive strategic planning mechanisms, policy instruments or government arrangements and other tools or mechanisms to enable sustainability & resilience. We apply proven technologies, systems and solutions that help drive positive urban change.

Urban Placemaking, Housing, Jobs and Social Facilities: Innovation & Acceleration

Our global thought leaders and local influencers drive positive efforts related to sustainable urban development. We encapsulate proven multi-praxis approaches and multi-dimensional efforts to understand challenges and discover opportunities to drive positive change. We apply the latest evidence-based approaches, tools & mechanisms to solve the most pressing urban challenges across the multiple social, environmental and economic dimensions.

Managing Outcomes

We apply proven methods to manage outcomes aligned to the New Urban Agenda, Paris Agreement, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Centre of Excellence

Our service professionals, expert advisors, urban planners and strategists focus their efforts in understanding the forces shaping urban development in relation to the capacity of governments, institutions and organisations to effectively manage change. We bridge the resources, effectiveness and resiliency divide.

Global Services Platform

Our global services platform combines subject matter experts and global cities thought leadership to guide organisations to thrive in a competitive global economy and on effective stakeholder management. Evidence-based methods are applied to clear mobility and change efforts across the multiple dimensions.


Through innovation and collaboration AVH launches VAAS / Value-As-A-Service global south focussed investment mobility, bankability, aggregation and governance platform; linking global services, purpose-driven projects and outcome-oriented capital aligned to the principles, targets and goals.

Comprehensive Software for Contemporary Rental Property Managers

Empower your team to manage, scalable residential and commercial rental portfolios using our tailor-made digital solutions.

Comprehensive software for contemporary property managers. Visit: to manage your large portfolio across different locations and support positive urban change.

Automated and intelligent software for Leesees managing large lease portfolios. Visit: and reduce your manual work by 60% involved in tracking payables and managing landlords.

Make your valued occupants feel like home at your hostel/PG/Co-living spaces. Visit: Our simple software helps you manage everything related to Hostel/PG/Co-living spaces in one place whilst collaboratively connecting all stakeholders.

Impact Measurement, Management & Funding Tools

Our IMM partner, Sopact is a technology social enterprise committed to helping organisations measure impacts by directly involving their stakeholders.

Sopact empowers Investment Capital with a Higher Purpose.

In partnership with Social Value International (SVI), the proprietary Impact Cloud platform enables investment capital organisations to deploy and manage capital in sustainable investments across the globe by accurately and effectively managing social impacts across the entire portfolio and stakeholder network.

We bring the world’s most advanced and integrated impact solutions to help funders and impact driven organisations drive positive change.

Smart & Sustainable Parking & Mobile Payment Solutions

Through AVD, we bring automated digital enterprise mobility solutions to help cities and organisations to build back better. We are are taking overall parking experience to the next level with NaviPay & NaviParking through the latest standardised API as an easy digital monetisation, access and payment solution that combines a proprietary IoT Access Controller embedded in parking barriers that enables digital access “Open Gate” command or remote pilot entry/exit functionality. Overcapacity of parking spots can easily be transformed into additional/alternate revenue streams and the solution can be easily integrated or adjusted to suit varying parking facility characteristics and flexi/multi-uses.

Navipay is your next generation smart parking and mobile payments solution that enhances users parking experience. The system-agnostic software is developed as a plug-in solution to digitalise and automate parking management that can be integrated in two main scenarios and adjusted to different parking facility characteristics.

NaviParking improves overall enterprise parking efficiency and employee or user happiness with an embedded AI system using computer vision car detection and proprietary Access Controller. Our technology-agnostic software can work with different hardware and parking management systems to meet your business needs.

Advanced mobile application software displays parking facility maps enabling users to check parking availability, receive notifications about parking getting full, guidance to closest parking with empty spots, check-in & check-out, report unauthorised parking and automated entry/exit to users and providing real-time parking traffic, occupancy and revenue performance information to property managers or owners.

Covid-19 Risk Management & Adaptation Tools

Through AVD we manage; health costs and risks by applying early screening, detection and HR Management Systems, crowds with crowd managements systems and remote workforces with integrated systems.

The world’s latest self-administered Covid-19 Taste Disorder Test Kit for early screening and detection.

The world’s latest secure mobile application for citizens and organisations to help manage crowdedness.

The world’s latest screening, detection and social distancing application for organisations and governments.

Covid-19 B2B & B2G Support

Through AVD we apply; the latest analysis, strategy and delivery mechanisms to support governments in times of need and manage outcomes aligned to the New Urban Agenda, Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Global Supply Chain & Secure PPE supplies

AVD vets and connects global supply chains to better-serve governments and large organisations in times of disaster or change.

Turn-Key Rapid Deployment Hospitals

AVD supplies turn-key United Nations, NATO applied solutions and CURA or other locally manufactured options.

Turn-Key Local Manufacturing Setups

AVD supplies turn-key local manufacturing setups for masks and other items. We’re committed to promoting local economic growth.

Enterprise, Project & Capital Management Tools

We apply the latest Capital and Project Management Tools to manage outcomes aligned to the New Urban Agenda, Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

An Enterprise Project Information and Intelligence System that integrates all relevant data and provides the operational platform.

Project Management Processes, Procedures, Standards and Work Instructions for Effective Project Management.

Effective Capital Management. Project Inception Software and Application for Expenditure Management.

Cost Management, Quality, Analytics & Certification Tools

AVH applies the latest Cost and Forensic Management Tools to manage outcomes aligned to the New Urban Agenda, Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Project Cost Management and Control. Quality Cost Management and Learning.

Fraud Detection and Forensic Analytics Software Solutions.

Training, Mentoring & Certification Software Solutions.

Sustainability Network

AVH & Sustainable Mpact is an emerging global sustainability community partnership who believes that all companies and individuals on the planet need to take action & take joint actions.

AVH is committed to partners that contribute toward sustainability efforts. Furthermore, AVH is committed to the Science Based Targets, United Nations Global Compact, We Mean Business Coalition and World Urban Campaign.

AVH has formed a collaboration with Sustainable mPact to drive positive impacts towards earth’s sustainability. Sustainable mPact believes in partnerships that support each other on committed endeavours to create a Future World of clean air, clean oceans and a healthy atmosphere.

We’re concerned that we don’t have time to wait therefore, we support the We Don’t Have Time initiative and the Expontential Climate Action Roadmap. We stand together to ensure that we connect everyone who wants to solve the climate crises. We leave no one behind as AVH also supports the various positive change efforts made by the global multi-lateral institutions, donor networks and committed individuals including the SME Climate Hub.

We support the call of the Secretary General of the United Nations and all collaborative partners to ensure the targets covering greenhouse gas emissions arising from multiple business operations are consistent with reductions required to keep global warming to 1.5C by 2030.


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Committed to Excellence

Value is earned when equanimity is reached and there is synchronicity on governance, society, environment and economy. Collaborative efforts are widely proven to support effective and positive change. Let’s jointly solve the most pressing urban challenges whilst we help each other to survive, thrive and surpass the global goals in advance of the 2030 global target.