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Climate change and environmental degradation are two of the defining challenges of the 21st century. We believe a much needed solution for both challenges is innovative land use project with clear social objectives. These are the projects Africa Vision Carbon aims to support.

We’re looking at many different solutions to permanently storing carbon underground and in biological systems, as well as the social benefits from those solutions. It is our belief that restoring ecosystems and using new approaches to producing value from land is a key part to the solution.

The projects we are looking at include:

  • Using grazing cattle to restore pasture land (thus transforming the land to starting to absorb carbon)
  • Energy crop projects
  • Biomass construction and isolation projects
  • Underground biomass storage projects

We evaluate all projects based on their social characteristics, their commercial feasibility and their potential to permanently store carbon underground. Southern Africa has abundant natural wealth and offers unique pathways to sequestering carbon.